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Nashville, join brother Charlie and brother Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes for a special evening at The Basement on October 8. The evening is slated to feature “some of Rich’s songs, some of Charlie’s songs, and some covers.” Robinson has spent much of 2012 touring with his solo band. Tickets will be available starting tomorrow, September 25 at Grimey's New and Pre-loved Music on 8th Avenue.
Head out back with Smoke as they perform "Ain't Got The Blues" for Taylor Guitars' Backyard Sessions:
Miss the merch table at Brothers and Sisters Music Festival? Or just wanna pretend you were there? Official Brothers and Sisters Music Festival tshirts now available in the online store here. The holidays are a comin, get to shoppin' Smoke fans! Check out other new items here.
3..2...1...Weekend! Kick it off with Smoke's live performance of "Everybody Knows She's Mine" from the Ram Country on Yahoo! Music Studios. "Everybody Knows She's Mine" appears on Smoke's latest album, The Whippoorwill.

Only two more days until Blackberry Smoke's first annual Brothers and Sisters Music Festival in Atlanta! We're shining a spotlight on all the other artists coming out to jam with Smoke that night. (Ps. Don't forget to head on down to The Masquerade box office to grab tickets for just $20. They will be $25 on Saturday - hurry, hurry!)

Next up: Reynolds and Williams Band

Born and Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Grant Reynolds and Joel Williams cite The Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes, Muddy Waters, Vince Gill and many others as some of their biggest influences. The Georgia natives recently released their self-titled debut EP. Listen and read more about the Reynolds and Williams Band here.
Watch as Smoke covers the legendary George Jones' 'White Lightning' exclusively for Ram Country on Yahoo! Music. Then, check out their in-studio performance of 'Everybody Knows She's Mine' from The Whippoorwill here!

Who else is excited for the first annual Brothers and Sisters Music Festival in Atlanta, GA this Saturday? To get you all pumped up, we're shinin' a big ole spotlight on the other artists on the bill coming out to rock.

Next up: North Mississippi Allstars

NMA is a southern rock/blues band from Hernando, MS composed of brothers Luther Dickinson and Cody Dickinson and Chris Chew. NMA's first release Shake Hands With Shorty was nominated for a GRAMMY for "Best Contemporary Blues Album." Their most recent album, Keys to the Kingdom was released in 2011. Since then, their albums 51 Phantom and Electric Blue Watermelon have received nominations in that same category. The group also won a Blues Music Award for "Best New Artist Debut" in 2001. Brother Luther Dickinson currently splits his time between NMA and The Black Crowes, while Brother Cody Dickinson also started a side project, Hill Country Revue.

Listen and read more about North Mississippi Allstars HERE and be sure to grab your tickets to Brothers and Sisters Music Fesival HERE. Already have your tickets? Be sure to enter to win a pass to Smoke's Soundcheck Party and a copy of The Whippoorwill HERE.
October 5 is just around the corner! Grab your tickets to see Smoke with Drivin' and Cryin' at NYC's Irving Plaza HERE. Once you've got those, enter to win a meet and greet with the guys HERE.
First Annual Brothers and Sisters Music Festival is just a few days away and we're shinin' a big ole spotlight on the other artists coming out to rock with Smoke that night.

First up: Unknown Hinson.

The self-proclaimed "king of country-western troubadours" Unknown Hinson writes and produces his own music that often parodies the dark elements of today's country and redneck culture. In early 2009, Hinson's 'Torture Town' won in The 8th Annual Independent Music Awards and Vox Pop vote for Best Alternative Country Song "Torture Town". Hinson, credited as Baker, provides the voice of Early Cuyler, a balding hillbilly squid from Georgia, on Cartoon Network's late night Adult Swim program, Squidbillies.

Head on over to www.unknownhinson.com for more and to listen! Then, grab your Brothers and Sisters Festival Tickets HERE - September 8, Masquerade Music Park in beautiful Atlanta, GA!

Heading to Blackberry Smoke's inaugural Brothers and Sisters Music Festival on September 8th at Masquerade Music Park in Atlanta, GA? Want a chance to hang with the guys exclusively before the show? Listen up!

We are giving two Smoke fans and their guests a chance to check out the guys' soundcheck before the festival, then an exclusive meet and greet hang session with Charlie, Brit, Richard, Brandon and Paul. We'll even throw in copies of The Whippoorwill for you to get signed!

All you have to do is grab tickets to the festival HERE, then sign up for your chance to hang with the guys HERE!

Want to know more about the making of 'The Whippoorwill'?

Charlie, Brit, Richard, Brandon and Paul are talkin'...

Grab your copy of the brand new album from the guys here.

Get your tickets HERE!

Check out Smoke's interview with CMT Radio's Samantha Stephens! Then, catch their whole set from Margaritaville, Nashville for Southern Ground Artists Live, presented by Landshark Lager HERE.

Why yes, that is Brother Richard Turner as a cartoon...

Want to see the rest of Smoke as their cartoon counterparts?

Join the guys this afternoon at 4pm EST for their turntable.fm Listening Party! They will play some of their all time favorite songs, plus tracks from The Whippoorwill. Head to turntable.fm/blackberrysmoke to register and come on back this afternoon for the music!

Brothers and Sisters, sitting far from home here in NYC on release day, reading all your kind words and reviews on iTunes about the new album has made us feel at home.

We are thankful to each and every one of you who has bought this album today. THANK YOU.

You have waited LONG enough and it's finally here! "The Whippoorwill" is now available in-stores and on iTunes. Get your copy HERE!

This morning, you all got yourselves a healthy serving of Blackberry Smoke via The Whippoorwill. (Haven't gotten it just yet? Click here!)

NOW, its time for the live show!

Watch below as Smoke rocks Margaritaville Nashville for CMT.com and Landshark Lager's Southern Ground Live series.
To celebrate the release of their first album as a part of Zac Brown's Southern Ground Artists family, Smoke will debut on CMT.com's exclusive series, Southern Ground Live Presented by Landshark, tomorrow, Tuesday August 14. Watch a sneak peek of the shenanigans that went down at the good time party place that is Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Nashville and a clip of Smoke's performance of "Six Ways To Sunday." Come on right back here or head to CMT.com to watch the full show tomorrow!

Who's watched Blackberry Smoke: Live at the Georgia Theatre? Who wants to watch it again? We know you all have your hands raised, so listen up. Our friends at CMT are bringing you THREE chances to catch it this weekend on CMT Pure. Plan on tuning in or set your DVRs for the following times:

Friday, August 10 at 10pm EST
Saturday, August 11 at 11pm EST
Sunday, August 12 at 11pm EST

With the new Blackberry Smoke album 'The Whippoorwill' being available out on the road for all you amazing concert-goers, we asked you to share your stories from the shows and how much you are loving the new album. Bill Jackson from Tennessee is our fourth winner - there's a kick ass BBS fan pack headed your way for sharing your review Bill! Give it a read below:

Bill got his copy of 'The Whippoorwill' at the Buffalo River Resort Festival in Lobelville, TN on July 28.

Tell us - how was the show? Any crazy stories? Was it your first Blackberry Smoke live experience?

Up until the time the guys hit the stage, the only way I had heard them was either online or on CD. Man, was I in for a surprise! As "Up In Smoke" says, "Starin' at us like deer in the headlights"... that was pretty much the reaction from the crowd because most of them hadn't seen anything like Blackberry Smoke roll into town. Once the first note from Charlie's guitar hit their brains, it was Katie bar the door! Folks started dancing (or trying desperately to after large doses of alcohol), and the folks just kept on pressing in to witness the spectacle. You have to admit, it's a lot of fun to watch fat, drunk people trying to shake their money maker. HA!

For a first time experience seeing these guys live, hands down it was the BEST live show I have seen in ages! Flawless! I know there's a ton of folks from that show who weren't necessarily fans before, that are diehard, sold on the Smoke fans now. Having Charlie and Brit pop out on stage later on to help The Marshall Tucker Band with "Can't You See" was a great bonus ending to an awesome day! Can't wait for the chance to see them again!!

Review 'The Whippoorwill' for those unfortunate souls who haven't made it out to a show just yet and will pick up their copy on August 14. Tell 'em which song they should crank up first and which one brought a tear to your eye:

Here it goes Smoke Fans... Mr. Bill's Review of the best album to hit the airwaves in forever and a day. If you have the other Smoke albums, DO NOT HESITATE to pick this one up! Hit a show, grab a copy, meet freaky people, have a drink, rock out!

'Six Ways to Sunday': Great tune! The wordplay is awesome, and the music is just what you expect from the boys!

'Pretty Little Lie': Could be a great country tune making tons of cash for the Smoke boys if the Nashville powers would get away from auto-tuned divas and pretty boys and embrace REAL music!

'Everybody Knows She's Mine': I could see this one being a Southern wedding mainstay. Just one listen to this song and I think you'll agree!

'One Horse Town': Lord, if you came from a small town that seems to be stuck in a time warp then this is your anthem. You know the place; everyone knows everyone and kids are expected to toe the line and do the same things the men in their families have done for generations without question. This song show that it's alright to get the hell out at the first opportunity. Life's too short to be unhappy!

'Ain't Much Left of Me': Man, can I relate to this song! Think I found my new anthem with this one. This is a song for all the folks who've been kicked around, ripped up, beaten down by life, and still keep on truckin'! Never, never, never give up! If life gives you crap, throw it back in its face and tell it to get bent!

'The Whippoorwill': All I can say is music perfection. It's Blackberry Smoke... would you expect anything else?

'Lucky Seven': A cool song. It sneaks up on you like too much to drink. You're feeling all calm and then BAM! It's right there in your face rocking.

'Leave A Scar': Yes they will folks! This was the show opener at Lobelville, and talk about a way to grab folks up out of their seats! This says a lot about life; we might not get rich and famous, but everything we do has an impact on somebody, somewhere. The most we can hope for in life is to leave our mark on the world, or in the case of Blackberry Smoke, one huge, jagged, smoking scar. Don't go out quietly, slide that casket in on two wheels and scream, "Hot damn that was fun!"

'Crimson Moon': Old school southern rock legend feel to it... great background vocals... visions of Skynyrd dancing in my head... I like that!

'Ain't Got The Blue's: Aw Yeah! Bluesy, folksy, greatness wrapped up in a retro sound that grabs you and gets your feet to tapping. I think this is gonna be one of those classics that end up on a lot of playlists.

'Sleeping Dogs': These guys are experts in picking songs that folks can relate to, and this is yet another. Like the old saying goes, it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. If it's there and quiet, you'd best leave it alone or risk getting ripped to shreds. I think everyone has been in this place a time or two; we take so much and then we make some idiot pay for his stupidity by smashing him into the dirt. Yep. A great, turn it up. let it rip kind of stress relief song right here folks!

'Shaking Hands with the Holy Ghost': I just love the way these guys build a song up. I think they like to lull us for a second just to sucker punch us when the song kicks in. This one does just that... easy flowing at first and then it's churning along like a jacked up truck on mud tires that nothing will stop.

'Up The Road': Perfect end to a perfect album. It's like watching the closing scene of a movie where the hero gets everything he wants. Yep, this song is it. Sends this album out with a bang!

So that's it folks. If you don't have it, you need to get out there and snag a copy! Go see these guys live and live the Smoke experience! It's like having every southern rock legend you ever loved reborn right there in front of you on stage, and you'll be left wanting more!

Don't forget - 'The Whippoorwill' is now available for pre-order right here on BlackberrySmoke.com. Each of the four pre-order packages comes with an immediate download of the new album, so if you haven't made it to a show yet, get yours right now by clicking HERE! Then, share your story/review of the album HERE for your chance to win!
Click to watch Blackberry Smoke, Six Ways to Sunday.

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