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We are honored to have been asked to play The O Music Awards. The O Music Awards are the world's largest online/mobile-only music festival presented by MTV, VH1, CMT. More details from CMT.com here and tune in to catch our performance on Thursday, June 20th from 11:15am - 11:35am EST HERE.


Brothers and sisters - if you're making your way to Nashville for CMA Music Festival this week, here's a look at where we will be. Stop on by and say howdy.


Wednesday, June 5:

CMT Music Awards Red Carpet

Thursday, June 6:

12pm - Signing at Southern Ground Artists booth, Convention Center
1pm - Signing at Carl Black of Nashville on Broadway
3:10pm - Melting faces from the Chevrolet Riverfront Stage, 1st Ave

"Southern rock quintet Blackberry Smoke recently visited The Recording Academy's headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., to participate in an exclusive GRAMMY.com interview. Blackberry Smoke discussed the lasting influence of Southern rock, performing live and their most recent release, 2012's The Whippoorwill


"When it's so good it just can't get old," said Blackberry Smoke's guitarist/vocalist Charlie Starr. "[Southern rock is] always a welcome sound to people's ears."


Check out our the rest of our exclusive interview with GRAMMY.com HERE!



First and foremost it was an honor to record "Yesterday's Wine" with George Jones and be able to meet him and his wife Nancy. George Jones was the best Country Singer of ALL time. A great memory i have of George is having breakfast with him.  My daughter who was 4 or 5 at the time thought it was so amazing that he ordered 6 powdered donuts for breakfast. He let her sit on his lap in take pictures of his plate. He was a very nice man. - Brit


"You give the appearence of one widely travelled / Lord I'll bet you've seen things in your time" ... I was thinking of these lyrics the moment I met George the day we recorded "Yesterday's Wine" with him. Thank you Mr. Jones for making a dream come true!!! - Paul


Soon they'll carry him away...RIP George Jones, "now that's country." - Richard


It was an honor to meet you, and such a rare privilege to watch you work in the studio.  I will forever be overwhelmed by the fact that you sang with us. You have touched so many lives by sharing your gifts with the world and shall never be forgotten. - Brandon


What can you say about George Jones that hasn't been said? People who are far more articulate than I am have explained how achingly beautiful his singing was, and how he could wrap that voice around a song and make it touch people in a place that few others ever had before or since. Mr. Jones put quite a few tears into quite a few beers. Perhaps his voice and delivery were the most sympathetic ever as far as ballads go, but he could also lay down a fast, honky tonk dance tune better than most, as well, and he never over-did it.

I was lucky enough (maybe not quite worthy) to sing with George on two occasions. Once in the studio to record "Yesterday's Wine" and a later on stage at the Ryman to perform it. The day at the studio in Nashville, we were set to record the song and Jamey Johnson and I were gonna sing it as a duet. When I was told that George would come to sing on it as well, I really couldn't believe it till he walked in the door. I was floored. Completely star struck and speechless. He walked into the control room and listened to the playback of what we'd laid down, and he said, "Damn, now that is country music, ain't it?" I will wear that like a medal for the rest of my days on earth.


When we asked him what he'd like to sing on it, he said "Let's you, me and Jamey sing the whole thing together." That is exactly what we did. It was an incredible experience, to say the least. At one point he said, "we should make an entire record of this stuff..." I have goosebumps as I type this.

About a year later, George was playing a show at the Ryman. The stars were in alignment, I guess, because we had a night off and were close to Nashville. My buddies Trey and Billy told me that George was doing "Yesterday's Wine" in the show, and that I was welcome to come sing it with him. After I wiped the tears out of my eyes, I went straight to Manuel and got a jacket for the occasion. The show was fabulous. As I stood in the wings with trembling knees waiting to go on, I watched
Mr. Jones sing those songs we all love with a smile on his face and a swing in his step. He was doing the thing that still made him as happy as it did us. Halfway into the show, he called my name and I walked out to look at the sold-out Ryman audience. They had no idea who I was, of course, but they were very gracious.


I have to say this: we sang the hell out of the song, George still nailing the high tenor part with that beautiful country soul. When we finished, George shook my hand and leaned over and said "good job, son."


Thank you, Mr. George Jones.  -Charlie







Tune-in alert! Next Wednesday, May 1 we'll be playing live from The Bing Lounge in Portland, OR. Not in the area? No worries - you can watch online! Tune in HERE at 1pm PST on 5/1!


It's like we were just here…we were just here…that is an old joke, but it definitely applies right now as we head back out to California for a few more shows.

We had a blast on the House Of Blues "Ones To Watch" tour with Drake White and A Thousand Horses. Thanks to Live Nation and everyone who helped put on the shows, and a big thanks to all
of you for coming out in force! The finale was the House of Blues in West Hollywood, and what a shindig it was…just ask Doc. He still hasn't cleaned his beard.

For our next few tricks, here we come back east to film a concert at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem (thank you, Judd Films and SES!!) run by the house to give the wife and kids some sugar, sneak into Nashville and play the Grand Ole Opry, (for the second time…not bragging, just the facts) then make our way down to Wanee for a show with Robert Randolph, Gov't Mule, Widespread Panic and the Allman Brothers Band. For the encore, we played the pre-race concert at Kansas Speedway for the STP 400. We stuck a feather in it and called it macaroni. What? I don't know.


Anyhow, now we're making our way back out to California to play the beloved Fillmore West in San Francisco. We are, indeed, blessed. Oh damn, I almost forgot…while we're back out here, we're gonna get to play 3 sold out shows at Red Rocks with our ol' buddy Zac Brown!

A lot of work and a lot to be thankful for. All of you, our brothers and sisters, have put us where we are and we love you!

God Bless Ya,


The Whippoorwill on vinyl is BACK and now available in our online store! Get it HERE!


Tonight, we're filming a new DVD at our SOLD OUT show at Ziggy's in NC! To celebrate, we're giving yall the chance to win BBS: Live at the Georgia Theatre DVD, this poster from our Feb. show at The Fillmore Silver Spring and The Whippoorwill! Enter to win it all HERE!


Our latest album, 'The Whippoorwill' has been included in iTunes' Great Country Albums Sale. CLICK HERE to download a copy for just $7.99.


Looking for some new BBS gear? Check out this brand new hat in our online store.



We're helping our buddy Zac Brown raise money for his childern's camp, Camp Southern Ground via ReverbNation's Music For Good. Head on over HERE to download a LIVE version of "Restless" featuring Zac for just $1.29 and 50% of the proceeds will benefit Camp Southern Ground


Had a tough time finding 'The Whippoorwill' in-stores? Click here and tell us where you looked. We'll work on stocking 'dem shelves.

In the meantime, don't forget you can grab it on iTunes

Ladies and Gents, the Harlem Shake: Southern Ground Style. Charlie done stole the show on this one.

Watch "Pretty Little Lie" from our recent Off The Avenue Sessions taping. We did "The Whippoorwill" also - check it out on Consequence of Sound.




Ticketmaster is giving you all you brothers and sisters the chance to win a trip to see our show in Los Angeles on April 5th!



2 Roundtrip flights to Los Angeles, CA

2 Nights hotel stay

2 tickets to the show at the House of Blues Sunset on April 5, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA


$50 House of Blues Gift Card

Access into The Foundation Room at the House of Blues Sunset Strip


Enter now by clicking HERE.

Interview with the brilliant Connie and Olivia from "Kids Interview Bands." Check them out here.


We presented the check to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta last week from our December StageIt Show! Thank you for helping us give back to the kids, brothers and sisters.


It's been a long standing Blackberry Smoke tradition to spend our winters in the coldest places we can possibly find. When we started the band years ago, we spent our first winter traipsing around in the snow throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc… We could usually be found huddled around the nearest heater. A couple of years ago, we spent the entire month of December in Europe, where they don't even know what a heater is…

Well, here it is. 2013. Winter time. Let's go to Wyoming and Colorado. I voted for Hawaii. They said no.


We hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I definitely did! We took two weeks off to spend with our families, then rang in the New Year with good ol' Zac Brown and the boys in Detroit. It was one helluva way to tie a great big bow around one helluva year. Thanks to all our brothers and sisters, we've enjoyed what has most likely been our best year yet. Thank you for being there for the release of "The Whippoorwill" and "Live At The Georgia Theater." We are so proud of both, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Thanks again for coming out to all the shows and raising as much hell as humanly possible.

Thanks to Zac for letting us play…Madison Square Garden??? Yes. Madison Square F*ckin Garden. Sold Out. Did I hear somebody say Amen? Anyhow, here we go head first into 2013. We are about to finish the first leg of our winter tour, which has definitely been cold, but has also been our best ever.

It looks like you're about to hear "Pretty Little Lie" on the radio (starting today in some cities, many thanks to those stations already playing it!) and the video (as I write this) is #1 on the CMT Pure 12 Pack Countdown! Draw four…UNO!

Thank you to the Southern Ground radio team for all the hard work, and to Cole and the boys at Southern Reel for making a damn fine video!


We're just gettin' started.


See ya out there,





Click to watch Blackberry Smoke, Six Ways to Sunday.

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