Blackberry Smoke Homecoming Live in Atlanta LP Triple Vinyl

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Blackberry Smoke Homecoming Live in Atlanta LP Triple Vinyl

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Blackberry Smoke Homecoming: Live in Atlanta -   Blackberry Smoke electrifies the audience at one of Atlanta's most iconic venues, The Tabernacle.  Filmed and recorded live on Nov 23rd, 2018, a concert and crowd like no other.  Touring most of the year world-wide, Blackberry Smoke has made it a tradition to come back once a year, to their hometown of Atlanta, GA.  The day after Thanksgiving has been burned into the calendars of fans who travel from all over the world to reunite and celebrate their shared admiration for the band.  The friends, family, and “Brothers and Sisters” as they are known, descend upon downtown for a weekend to share their love of all things Blackberry Smoke.  This full concert footage encompasses tastes of rock and roll, country, and blues and delivers a night that can’t and now won’t ever be forgotten.  Blackberry Smoke Homecoming: Live in Atlanta features the band, Charlie Starr, guitar and vocals, Brit Turner, drums, Richard Turner, bass, Paul Jackson, guitar and vocals, and Brandon Still, keyboards, along with help from Benji Shanks, Preston Holcomb, and The Black Betty’s.  It is available as a full length concert film shot in Ultra 4k and mixed in 5.1 surround sound.  The audio is available on CD, and vinyl.   3 LP VINYL:  Includes Signed 12x12 Poster LP 1:  SIDE A (20:05) 1. Nobody Gives a Damn 2. Waiting for the Thunder 3. Pretty Little Lie  4. Let It Burn 5. Best Seat SIDE B (19:39) 6. Medicate 7. Sleeping Dogs LP 2 SIDE A (16:56) 8. Run Away From It All 9. Running Through Time 10. Lord Strike Me Dead SIDE B  (16:47) 11. Mother Mountain 12. Ain't Got the Blues 13. Free On the Wing LP 3 SIDE A (19:29) 14. One Horse Town 15. I'll Keep on Ramblin 16. Flesh and Bone SIDE B (19:01) 17. Not Fade Away 18. Ain't Much Left of Me BONUS: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY 1. Up The Road 2. Payback's A Bitch 3. Space Captain 

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