Remembering George Jones

First and foremost it was an honor to record "Yesterday's Wine" with George Jones and be able to meet him and his wife Nancy. George Jones was the best Country Singer of ALL time. A great memory i have of George is having breakfast with him.  My daughter who was 4 or 5 at the time thought it was so amazing that he ordered 6 powdered donuts for breakfast. He let her sit on his lap in take pictures of his plate. He was a very nice man. - Brit   "You give the appearence of one widely travelled / Lord I'll bet you've seen things in your time" ... I was thinking of these lyrics the moment I met George the day we recorded "Yesterday's Wine" with him. Thank you Mr. Jones for making a dream come true!!! - Paul   Soon they'll carry him away...RIP George Jones, "now that's country." - Richard   It was an honor to meet you, and such a rare privilege to watch you work in the studio.  I will forever be overwhelmed by the fact that you sang with

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