Hey there brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors. We hope this finds you well. Another summer has come and gone. Some of us barely had any really hot days to complain about (we know who that is), except for Tucson and Vegas last week. Those two more than made up for it. Wow.   The Blackberry Smoke rock n' roll caravan continues to roll down the highway, doing our best to bring you the finest Southern musical experience that we can conjure up. As always, thank y'all for spreading the word and coming to the shows from coast to coast and everywhere in between. We had the opportunity to play some great festivals this year. Bonaroo and Peachfest were just incredible. Hell, Rolling Stone even wrote a little blurb about our Bonaroo show. Although they couldn't seem to resist bringing up sideburns, beards and denim. No problem. At least we don't wear fedoras. We enjoyed two wonderful nights playing with the mighty Gov't Mule! Thank you so much to Warren, Matt, Jorgen, Danny and all for having us. We send prayers out to the Gov't Mule family concerning the loss of Mr. Brian Farmer. Our hearts go out to them in what must be such a horribly sad and trying time. Brian was an amazing guy, as I'm sure you all know, and his passing is a reminder that we're not long for this world, so make the most of the time you have. Don't sweat the petty stuff. A big thanks to everyone who got a copy of Leave A Scar Live! We love it and feel like it's a nice documentation of the Whippoorwill tour era. If you don't have a copy of it, give it a shot. You might be on it…! Moving on, we've finished another studio album. It was recorded in Atlanta and Los Angeles, produced by Brendan O'Brien. I guess albums are like children and you're not supposed to pick a favorite, but this one got all A's, made the team and won the state championship…WOOOO!!!!We cannot wait for you to hear it. Hopefully, soon . Well, we have some shows to play here in the states before we head over to Europe to promote the live album. Then it's the Simple Man Cruise. Last one, folks. Hope you're coming…cool things are gonna happen… Then, the Skynyrd tribute show at THE FOX!!!! Yep. Come out and see us. We love you. - Charlie