Brothers, sisters, friends and fans, we cannot wait to see all of you in Europe over the next few weeks. It has been such a great source of pride for the band and crew to make the journey over to meet and play for all of you. We would like to address the topic of bootlegging Blackberry Smoke merchandise at our shows. We have noticed over the past few years that the amount of bootlegged merchandise outside of the venues has grown to a disturbing level. It is sales of our official merchandise that keeps us able to support our crew and travel from show to show. We hope you will not only avoid purchasing goods from non-official Blackberry Smoke sellers, but please also let them know we don't appreciate the theft of our property. We will also NOT be signing any of the unofficial merchandise. Keep in mind the only official quality Blackberry Smoke merchandise will be sold inside of the venue and not on the streets outside and at our online store HERE. We can't thank you all enough for the support you have shown us, see you all soon!