I do believe this has been the coolest summer that I can remember. Temperature-wise, that is. We haven't really had any hot days to bi&*$ about. (Hi, Paul.) For those of you that have been keeping up with us and our little adventures, you know that, as usual, we haven't been sitting still. As always, thank you to all of our brothers and sisters for coming out to all of the shows and making them so great!! We'd like to send a great big thank you to The Tonight Show and Jay Leno for having us! Can you believe it? Me neither… Mr. Leno was very cool, as was John Malkovich. I'm pretty sure Olivia Munn doubled up on the hand sanitizer after shaking mine, though. Friends, if you've never been to the Gorge, out in Washington state, do yourself a favor and go see it. It is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We had a really good time there at the Watershed festival. Here's a little observation. Only my opinion, of course. If I paid good money to go to a "country" concert, I'll be damned if I'd want to hear Journey and Bon Jovi covers all day. Come on "country" artists…play your own music. If your fans don't want to hear the songs that are on your albums, they're not really your fans. For those of you that came out to L.A. for the Boot Ride, I'm sure you had a helluva time. We sure did. I got a chance to speak with Marcus Luttrell, the U.S. Navy Seal who wrote Lone Survivor. Marcus works closely with the Boot Campaign, who, in turn, organize the ride with the cast of Sons Of Anarchy. If you haven't read Lone Survivor, you should do so. It is incredible. Thank you, Marcus! While out on the left coast, we hopped up to San Rafael for a couple of days to make some music with Mr. Bob Weir at TRI studios. Friends, it was unbelievable!!! Such a great bunch of folks!!! You'll be able to see and hear the stuff pretty soon, I'm sure. Thanks to Bob, Steve Parish, Justin Kreutzmann for the hospitality, the music and the stories…have mercy, the stories. We are very excited about some things coming up this fall. I'm not at liberty to give any details yet, but we may have a special little suprise with our ol' buddies, Lynyrd Skynyrd. And then a little later, a couple more suprises. I can't say what they are…but, one rhymes with "live album." Oops...   Charlie